You've Decided to Donate :)

Minecraft is a game of freedom. You can build whatever you want and do whatever you feel like. But installing mods can be difficult, which is why I am always trying to do my best to make it easy for anyone to install them.

However, there are some serious costs in developing, maintaining, and hosting a website. Here's how bad it looks:

Monthly donation goal - 66%

Most of the time I have to pay for the Mod Pack out of my own pocket. As a college student trying to pay for food and shelter, this has become very hard to do. I don't even count the hundreds of hours I spend on the Mod Pack (since I actually enjoy that part!) It would be fantastic if you could help me out by contributing to this project!

Anything big or small you can give is welcome, and I'll be sure to thank you personally afterwards. There are a few benefits from different donations, as you can see below!